Hello, educators and librarians!  I frequently get asked if I do school visits so I created this page as a way of saying yes! I love getting the opportunity to speak with young readers. Below you’ll find more information about my visits and rates.

I’m available to do half-day and full-day presentations. On occasion, I can do a multi-day visit, but I do have small children at home so I always try to be mindful of how much time I’m spending away from home. My presentations usually include a power-point presentation that will give students some general information about my childhood and teen years, how I got into writing, the publishing process, and my books. I also do a Q&A, which gives the students a chance to ask more about the topics that interest them the most. Depending on the ages of your students, I’m happy to tailor the content to talk more in-depth about mental health issues (My Heart and Other Black Holes), immigrant and refugee experiences (Other Words For Home), empathy building and the importance of kindness (a major theme in all of my books and one of my favorite topics to chat about!), or some combination of all three. I also am happy to lead smaller groups of students in writing exercises and prompts.

My rates are $600 dollars for half a day and $1,000 dollars for a full day (anything exceeding 4 hours). These rates do not include transportation and lodging costs. If your school is more than two hours from the Chicago area, I will need lodging for at least one night. That said, I’m happy to arrange school visits around tour stops and book festival visits. So if you see that I’m going to be in your area and would like to arrange a visit, please reach out! (Also: Ohio educators, I have lots of family in the Columbus and Cincinnati areas so if your school is located near one of these cities, I will not need lodging.)

You can contact me to book school visits at wargabookevents@gmail.com. Thanks so much, and I look forward to speaking with your students!